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Application Procedure - Erasmus+

All applications from prospective Erasmus+ Students are administered by the International Office at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź. Your application must reach us not later than May 31, for winter semester  or the whole year, and not later than November 15, spring semester.

If you wish to apply to the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Łódź as an Erasmus+ student, you must submit by standard post the following documents:


Students interested in our dormitory's offer need to contact directly the dormitory Office, contact details:

Ms Agata Żurek
tel. +48 696 074 138



Learning Agreement: in section Receiving Institution, please state as the contact person Institutional Erasmus+ Coordinator Ms Beata Bloch. The responsible person at receiving institution should be Faculty Erasmus+ Coordiantor of the Faculty you want to apply for. The list of coordinators can be found here

Please download from here guidelines to Learning Agreement.

As an Eramus+ student, you have access to all courses taught in English at the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Łódź, as long as you meet the prerequisites. For students with good knowledge of Polish and meeting the prerequisites, the whole range of courses offered by the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts Łódź is available.

The courses available at each faculty can be found here

Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts Łódź (ASP) step by step

  1. To apply for a study at the ASP firstly you must succeed in the selection procedure at your home university.

  2. Your Erasmus Coordinator must inform the ASP's Erasmus Coordinator about this fact.

  3. You must send by post the application form along with learning agreement andportfolio (paper version obligatory; additional materials can be send on CD) to the ASP (Biuro Współpracy z Zagranicą, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych w Łodzi, ul. Wojska Polskiego 121, 91-726 Łódź, Poland). No materials will be returned to the applicant by post. By sending the application documents the applicant confirms that he/she knows and understands the exchange programme regulations.

  4. If all above mentioned documents reach us on time and you will succeed in the selection procedure, the ASP’s International Office will send you the Acceptance Letter. Please note that ASP reserves the right to reject proposed students on the grounds of incorrect submission of required document (form and deadline), standard of portfolio and availability of places. 

  5. You can contact the ASP’s International Office if you have any questions related to your stay in our city.

  6. You come to Łódź and enjoy your stay at the ASP.

  7. After passing all the exams you are required to come with your Exams Results Slip, Student’s Clearance Slip and your student card to the International Office. Then the International Office will  prepare the final documents.

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